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Isle of Man - Politics
The Isle of Man parliament, known as 'Tynwald', is the oldest continuous parliament in the world, in which democratically elected members, The Keys, represent the people.

The Island is a Crown Dependancy, which means that although it is free to make its own laws, the UK government is responsible ultimately for its defence and good governance. This was highlighted some years ago, when the Island's discriminatory anti-gay laws meant that gay sex could attract a punishment of life imprisonment. In reality this punishment would not have been carried out.

Something of a political storm broke out when the UK threatened to change the Island's law, in order that it should not continue to breach the European Convention on Human Rights. The Manx legislature decided to comply, and changed the law, rather than risk the UK Governments' interference.

The gay movement on the Island is happy to report that the political powers that be have matured a little since then.They have adopted a more politically correct framework, preparing at the moment to embrace the latest European Human Rights laws.

The Island's low levels of income tax and company taxes, along with other financial benefits, make it an attractive venue to individuals and companies alike.